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Welcome friends,

I'm Dr. Alexis Hugelmeyer but you can call me

Dr. Lex!

I'm a coffee-drinking, beach-loving traveller, wife, mama of three, professor and Board Certified Family & Osteopathic Medicine Physician. I have spent most of my thirteen year career taking care of the sickest hospital patients knowing that most of them were suffering from preventable, even reversible conditions. What I believe is often missing in healthcare is what I call the Dr.LexRx - the education, support and accountability needed to improve quality of life and longevity, prevent chronic illnesses and live life more fully.  So, my mission is to form a deeply personal partnership with each of my patients and equip them with a comprehensive toolkit for prevention and healthy living. 


Feel free to explore my website and social media where you can learn more about me, my practice and philosophy, and subscribe to my mailing list.  You'll see that in addition to in-person visits in Chapel Hill, NC, I will be offering virtual visits, wellness coaching, a calendar of free or low-cost classes and workshops, a podcast and YouTube channel, a DanceRx Fitness program open to all ages, bodies and abilities and much, much more!  Thanks for stopping by...

I'm so glad you're here!

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. 

Anyone can find disease."

- Andrew Taylor Still, Father of Osteopathy

is the Dr.LexR   Approach right for you?


If you are healthy and want to stay healthy...


If you want optimize your health while living with a chronic medical condition...


If you need health education, support and accountability...


If you are constantly starting over, setting goals but never reaching them...


If you want to stop being reactive and start being proactive about your health...


If you lack the confidence or self-esteem to pour energy into yourself...


If you're always putting others first and yourself last...


If you crave a physician who is also your partner...


If you want to stop fearing and start living...


If you have big dreams and goals, but aren't sure how to achieve them...

You have come to the right place!

the Dr.LexR   & new6S Wellness program are...



  • Hands-on approach based on the principles that: the body has its own intrinsic healing capacity,

  • The body is a unit and its parts cannot be separated,

  • Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated,

  • Sounds medical treatment depends on the above.


  • Utilizes practices and treatment modalities from both conventional and alternative medical models,

  • Is patient centered and addresses multiple physical, social and emotional aspects  of human health.


  • Teaches TLC - Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes to optimize health

  • Emphasizes the choices we make in nine different aspects of health

  • Assesses health behaviors

  • Identifies barriers to achieving health goals.

  • Evaluates toxic exposures


  • Seeks to identify root cause of the disease process

  • Analyzes genetic, biochemical and environmental factors that contibute to health and disease

  • Targets the disease not just the symptoms.

Why I practice Lifestyle medicine...

The word 'doctor' comes from the Latin word 'docere' which means 'to teach.'  Our traditional healthcare structure does not allow adequate time for physicians to teach patients how to prevent or manage chronic health conditions. We diagnose and treat patients oftentimes without offering information about all of the non-traditional and non-prescription options. 

An example - a patient is diagnosed with high blood pressure, told to take an anti-hypertensive medication, lose weight, exercise more, get better sleep.  But how? 

Where do patients learn how to make meaningful changes?  Who is guiding them in decisions about lifestyle?  


Filling the prescription is the easiest part, although most patients aren't completely compliant with their meds. More importantly, people do not automatically know what to eat, how to exercise, adequately hydrate, sleep or manage stress effectively. These are not intrinsic skills, they are learned skills.  They are also not universal, but instead require an individualized prescription.  No one diet plan or exercise regimen is right for everyone, nor is every sleep or stress management strategy.  While we're great at addressing physical determinants of health, we routinely fail to address several other key factors of health like happiness, supportive relationships, sunlight and sex (yep, they all help lower blood pressure)!  Partnering with my patients in a structured, goal-oriented wellness program allows us to spend time and attention on all aspects of our health, learning and building skills that will translate into meaningful change! The most rewarding aspect of my life as a physician is when patients not only come off their medications, but feel happier, more energetic and alive!

"We are the way we are because of the way we do the things we do."

- Alexis Hugelmeyer, D.O.

what people are saying...

Mary B. 

Dr. H was not only my doctor, she was like a friend to my family.  She cared for us the way she would care for her own family. 

Annabella S.

Dr. Lex's approach to health and wellness is founded in education.  She helped me explore all of my options and let me make the best choice for myself.

Jana V.

Alexis coached my group through twelve weeks of self-discovery and growth. She helped us take personal inventory and taught us how to make meaningful change.  

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