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  • Balance Before Burnout is an online group wellness program for women who are experiencing physical, social and emotional exhaustion.


  • The purpose is to provide education, support and accountability in eight different areas: diet, exercise, sleep, stress managementself-caresocial relationshipssexual health and spirituality.   


  • It's an action-oriented program with daily task worksheets to help you

    • set goals,

    • identify barriers to those goals,

    • create a plan to overcome the barriers,

    • and set your plan in motion.  

  • Video content will be delivered via email in the format of videos and PDF task worksheets.  You'll also receive bonus content in areas such as hormone balance, ketogenic diet lifestyle, reducing toxic exposures, controlling inflammation, natural approaches to managing chronic pain and living with autoimmune conditions. 

  • A private Facebook group will provide you a community of support to help you change your life.

  • Weekly accountability check-ins from me to make sure you're staying on track

  • We will host several other physicians and health experts who will speak about various topics like career burnout, caregiver burnout, thriving with chronic illness, how to get your husband healthy and more.

This program has revolutionized my life and the lives of many of my patients, so I am thrilled to be able to share it with you!

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