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Board Certified Family Physician.

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend.

And now. . . your partner in health!

Hey there! Nice to meetchya!

I am Dr. Alexis Hugelmeyer, but you can call me Dr. Lex.  After thirteen years of practicing traditional hospital medicine, I am excited to partner with you on your health and wellness journey!  My comprehensive wellness program called NEW6S will provide you with the education, support and accountability you need to set and reach your wellness goals!


A bit about my beginnings... I spent most of my childhood outdoors under the tall, tall trees of Pine Barrens of Little Egg Harbor and the beautiful beaches of Long Beach Island, NJ - also known as the Jersey Shore.  Yep, I'm a Jersey Girl, born and bred.  As much as I love Chapel Hill and North Carolina, part of my heart is still there is those woods and on those shorelines.

After high school, I had the great fortune of spending my undergraduate years at the only school I applied to - Villanova University, just outside of Philadelphia. It was there, on the first day of school freshman year, in Senora Carlson's Advanced Spanish class, that I met my future husband Michael. We became best friends fast, but didn't start dating until six years later. At Nova, I was an RA, a campus tour guide, and a member of the cheerleading team. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Comprehensive and a concentration in Medical Ethics. 


From there I went on to four years of medical school at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine graduating as a Doctor of Osteopathy before completing my residency training in Family Medicine at Long Beach Medical Center.   It was at Long Beach that I developed my two career passions: 1.) OMT, hands-on osteopathic manipulation and 2.) teaching - both patients and my junior physician trainees.  As one of my class's chief residents, I worked hard to develop my teaching, lecture and presentation skills and developed practical handbooks for our patients to monitor their progress.  I also honed my OMT skills by treating every patient on my clinic panel as well as participating in continuous OMT education. It was during my first year at Long Beach, eight years after I met the blue eyed surfer in Spanish class, that we headed back to Villanova and got married on campus.  A year and a half later we welcomed our first daughter - Isabella, smart and sweet. 


Like her mama, she was not the best sleeper. So my first job out of residency was working nights as a hospitalist at a community hospital in the Hamptons.  For an 80 - bed hospital, the pathology I encountered was a training in and of itself.  It was at Southampton Hospital that I began teaching medical students and residents and became an administrator in medical education.  The energy and work ethic of medical students has always felt so invigorating.  They are so eager to learn skills that, if we weren't teaching to others, could easily become rote and mundane.  But watching physician trainees learn how to heal is definitely one of the greatest joys of my career.  It not only keeps me excited about my profession, but requires that I stay informed about the latest guidelines and treatments.  It was in the call room at Southampton, just one week after deciding we'd wait a year to have our second child, that I found out I was pregnant with Lance.  He was born at Southampton in dramatic fashion in 2010 and has been the best surprise of our lives. 


Over the past thirteen years, I have always practiced some form of hospital medicine - admitting patients from the ER to the inpatient side of the hospital, evaluating and treating them and sending them home to follow up with their primary care doctors and specialists.  I have always been happy in my career, but I really wanted to give all these patients the tools they needed to prevent or reverse their chronic conditions. So in 2012, after my mother passed away and with the help of my good friend Dr. Bellamy Brook, I launched my OMT and Wellness Center.  When I wasn't working at the hospital, I was taking care of healthy patients who wanted to stay healthy.  I started teaching my patients what they needed to stay well or live more healthily with chronic illnesses.  I was using OMT and telemedicine regularly, gaining more skills and growing a community of like-minded practitioners who cared for my patients as well.  Our wellness center hosted two other physicians, a physician's assistant, a nutritionist, a massage therapist, a Reiki master an IV nurse and numerous courses and workshops. And I began to develop my wellness model which has evolved over time into the NEW6S partnership program for my in-person patients and the NEW6S course for my clients around the world.


Our third baby Lucia came along in 2015 and quickly became the office mascot. Having my own practice allowed me the work-life balance I had always craved - the chance to be both a doctor and a wife/mother without sacrificing either. So it was bittersweet when we decided to close my practice and relocate from New York to North Carolina in 2017. 


Here in NC I have been practicing both hospital medicine and telemedicine.  But I have missed my patients and my practice.  I miss doing OMT, partnering with patients in wellness, and teaching physician trainees.  So that brings us to 2020, when new challenges have forced us indoors and internally, to reevaluate what is important and how we want to spend our time.  I teach my children and coach my patients that they should be pursuing their passions, creating lives that bring them joy while sharing their talents and gifts with others.  But I haven't been modeling that.  I find that patients are using this time to reevaluate their health as well, and so I find myself being called back into practice and I am so ready to jump back in.  

I am proud to reintroduce my practice as Dr. Lex Lifestyle Medicine and the NEW6S Wellness Program. And I'm so excited to share my experience, knowledge and passion for health education with you, both locally in Chapel Hill and around the world via telemedicine!


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