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You already know the area, the list of houses, look for objects by searching on the map. (Screenshot from portal)

Circle these houses on the map and see objects only in them. Draw the lower limit of prices based on the understanding of the “real estate quality limit” that is acceptable for you. Set the upper limit at +7% - this amount can be traded

Step 6: We analyze prices and calculate the final cost

Conduct a small comparative analysis by compiling a table. Be sure to calculate the cost per meter in each sentence. So it will be more convenient to understand which apartment is more profitable. For example, in one apartment the price per square meter is 100,000 rubles, and in another - 115,000 rubles. But the apartment for 115,000 rubles is given with furniture and repairs, and the first one requires investments.

We add the cost of repair - 15,000 rubles per 1 m2k of the cost of an apartment that costs 100,000 rubles per square meter without repair. It turns out like this: 100,000 + 15,000 = 115,000 rubles. Now everything looks completely different. This way you can easily compare offers with and without quality finishes.

Step 7: Let's go see apartments



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