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How high is your risk for physical, social and emotional burnout? Take this free quiz...and then scroll down for the answer key.

If you feel comfortable, list your total number of checks in the comments (I bet you're not alone)!

Mine is higher than I expected!

If you have questions and don't feel comfortable posting, feel free to PM me and we can chat privately!

Here's is the key to your results! Burnout is an epidemic among working women. But the good news can improve your score!

0-4 - Low Risk for burnout 5-8 - Moderate Risk for burnout 9-12 - High Risk for burnout 13-16 - Already Burned Out!

If you scored over 13, please reach out to me privately. I know what you're going through because two years ago I scored a 16. You might feel completely overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed. You probably don't know where to begin to remodel your health and wellness. And the challenge of making changes might seem impossible. It's not. I promise. I did it and I can help you do it too.

If you scored between 5-12, you are at risk of burning out. Career, kids, caregiving can zap the time and energy we have left over to focus on ourselves. Without a plan and someone to hold you accountable, it is easy to drift in to the burnout zone. So, I suggest you use Balance Before Burnout to start making Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. Sticking to the program is the only way I've been able to keep myself below a 12.

If you scored, 0-4, CONGRATS! You are in a very healthy place physically, socially and emotionally! Clearly you are finding a way to BALANCE it all! You're at low risk for burnout and are definitely in the minority of women. Keep it up and please share with us your tips and tricks!

As always, feel free to reach out to me for anything!

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