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We all have that one health and fitness lover in our lives...

Here are my favorite finds for healthy holiday gift-giving. Click the links to shop!

* Disclaimer: I have no financial connection to any of these products or storefronts.*

Rituals for Living Dreambook & Planner - a beautifully designed and incredibly useful tool to help us visualize our goals, track our progress and keep our lives ultra-organized.

Natural Calm - the missing minerals, magnesium and calcium which can help with stress, sleep, digestion and muscle spasm. Mix the powder into a fizzy drink that instantly calms you.

MakeMerry Bras - heaven in a bra. Seriously, please buy these for the women in your life. Designed by a radiation oncologist, these beautiful, ultra-soft bras are your new wardrobe staple.

Sombra Warm Rub - a delightful sensory experience derived from eucalytpus, capsaicin and orange peel extract that heats up and provides natural pain relief for aching muscles and joints.

Doterra Aromatouch Technique Kit & Doterra Petal Diffuser - an essential starter kit for those interested in incorporating essential oils into your wellness routine. They can be used topically, by mouth or aerosolized for myriad symptoms and conditions.

Dohm White Noise Machine - for new parents, kids and insomniacs alike this low dose white noise machine helps set your brain into a restful sleep by gently drowning out pesky auditory interruptions.

Lume Deodorant - this all-natural deodorant was developed by a gynecologist and is clinically proven to control odor for 48 hours (p.s. it can be used on underarms and private parts)!

Clear Sinus & Ear - a homeopathic remedy that I've seen replace all the over the counter and prescription medications for chronic nasal and sinus congestion.

ElastoGel Hot/Cold Therapy Packs - flexible, weighted packs with velcro straps so you warm them up, cool them down and strap them to the parts that hurt. They come in all shapes and sized that fit every part of the body including head, shoulders, knees and low back...they even have a weighted eye mask for sinuses!

Ever Skincare Pure Results Regimen - practical, effective skin care that contains only the purest ingredients.

Book: The Holistic Rx by Dr. Madiha Saeed - learn about the basics of functional and integrative you too can utilize a combination of old and new medicine, eastern and western philosophy and good old tried and true remedies to achieve better health.

Virtual Expert Guidance from my favorite Nutritionist! Treat yourself to 20% off of a 6-week, 3-month or 6-month online nutrition counseling package with Nutrition Sliced!

Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year to all of you! I hope 2019 brings you plenty of adventurous New Beginnings!

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