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👶🏼My nephew is 10 months old and he just slept through the night! 🤕 Insomnia can wreak havoc on your body and folks like me wish we could #sleeplikeababy. 😬 Sleep training is just as hard for adults as it is for babies especially if you have habits that keep you from falling and staying asleep. 😴 But sound sleep can be learned! Try these tricks and be patient, it may take a while to reset your sleep rhythm. 🌜 Avoid alcohol, heavy meals, and exercise within a few hours of bedtime. All three rev your engine and keep your body working hard for a few hours after. Alcohol is especially disruptive because, while it can help you fall asleep, your body metabolizes it into sugar which causes a little rush just as you settle in to sleep. 🌜 Create a nighttime ritual that you will stick to every night. Start winding down an hour before you want to sleep. Take a hot shower or bath, drink warm milk or herbal tea, turn off all devices and television and maybe try some lavender oil behind your ears. Oh, and make sure you use the bathroom once more before bed. 🌜Wind down your body and mind with a progressive relaxation meditation. By contracting and relaxing muscles in sequence, you can physically coerce your body into resting while using breathing techniques to relax. Apps such as Headspace and Calm offer free bedtime meditations. 🌜Keep your room temperature a little on the cool side and use a blanket that will keep you comfortable. 🌜Use a white noise machine. It creates soft background noise that drowns out the nighttime sounds that interrupt rest. 🌜 Charge your phone in another room away from your bed. Lights and sounds emitted from your phone can get your brain’s attention even if your eyes aren’t open. 🌜Let your pets sleep in their own space. Cuddling your cats or dogs is soothing at first but can seriously interfere with your comfort and rest. 🌜Try to fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day to train your body to a routine. After a while you will wake up without an alarm because your rhythm is reset. 🤠 Good luck and let me know what works! #sleephygiene #sleeptips #insomniacure#insomniaproblems #sleeplikeababytonight#sleeplikeababy

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