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I used to think that hard work was the key to happiness, that the faster I ascended the less stressed I would be, that when I achieved my goals I would be ultimately happy.

For too long, I believed the lie that my happiness and self-worth are derived from my productivity.

I spent so much time trying to:

- work harder,

- improve my efficiency,

- hack my schedule,

- scale faster,

- fit more in.

I invested so much energy into:

- listening to podcasts on efficiency,

- reading books on building better habits,

- downloading apps to make things move faster,

- wearing watches that track my every move,

- wiring my home to outsource menial tasks.

But in that quest, I was left always reaching and striving, never satisfied. In believing the lie, I just might have missed the chance to sit still and be happy exactly where I am now.

So, Slow Down is my mantra for 2021.

I'm trying to move gracefully toward my goals, not working harder or faster or more efficiently, but by:

- slowing down,

- not wasting time trying to be more efficient,

- understanding that it takes time to build something special,

- not delaying happiness in preference for progress,

- appreciating my life as it is right now, and not longing for anything more,

- focusing on the purity and authenticity of what I offer my patients,

- choosing joy and play and meaningful idleness,

- being mindful, grateful and joyful.

I know now that my self-worth is not tied to how much I accomplish or how fast I get to my goals. These days I lean in to the idea that my goals and dreams will come in time, and that being fast, efficient and productive are not nearly as important as being:

- kind,

- loving,

- thoughtful,

- generous,

- helpful,

- righteous.

I hope your day is full of hope and joy and possibility, not to get things done but just to be present and have fun.


Dr. Lex





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