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When my kids are all talking to me at the same time - asking me to sign homework, make bread and butter because “I’m starrrrving,” take the dirt off the lollipop the baby just dropped, while making dinner, responding to texts and getting the car ready for practice - I tell them, “I can do 17 things at once, but not 18.” They laugh and think I’m kidding.

We all want to be superwoman, taking care of every detail, saying yes to all the events, working, being attentive and emotionally supportive to our families WITHOUT burning out or becoming physically, socially or emotionally exhausted. But there’s only so much one person can do.

So, let’s talk about outsourcing... and give each other some strategies to clear some of the clutter from your to-do list. It’s time to say no to some of the mundane things that others can do so you can free up some time to clean lollipops.

Name one thing you delegated to or hired someone else to do. See below for mine... I bet you can guess what I tricked them into doing...

It took some bribery and Jedi mind tricks but Hallelujah the kids are finally putting their own laundry away (if you can call it that, but who cares it’s not on my dining room table anymore - evil laugh)! Outsourcing 101: enlist the kids.

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