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Chicken soup from farm(stand) to table... 🍲 Cooking is magic, I swear. 🍲 It's the marriage of science and art - merging ingredients from the earth, applying math and science to make something beautiful and delicious and nourishing. 🍲 It's an expression of love - carefully choosing the best ingredients to fill your family's bellies with energy and fill their hearts with precious time around the table. 🍲 It's a way to celebrate tradition and heritage and family - using hand-me-down recipes and recreating them with a love and passion I can feel from my relatives who made the same dishes before me. 🍲 It's a daring adventure, a way to learn about the world and foreign cultures - experiencing new flavors and combinations and learning how history made certain ingredients available to certain regions of the world. 🍲 It's meditation, relaxation and nourishment for the soul - requiring patience to measure and mix and stir and wait and taste and adjust, allowing the flavors to release, a multi-sensory experience that ends with fuel that makes your body do incredible things. 🍲 It's a time together - sharing stories and laughter and love, reveling in the joy of creating magic together. 🧀 Also, anyone else out there put grated cheese in their chicken soup? #chickensoupforthesoul #cookingwithlove #foodismedicine #pecorinoromano #homemade #madewithlove #mamalex #imbizzybaking

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