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Pressure. Cooker.

Life is a pressure cooker. Career, relationships, parenting, money, lack of sleep, exercise, rest...and on, and on, and on. Self-care often takes the back seat to other priorities and obligations. The stress mounts and pressure builds strong and steady over time. So, when was the last time you let the steam out of your pressure cooker?


It's been a long time for me...I've been working a ton, trucking the kids around to sports and friends, helping my husband with his business and trying to spruce up our house and yard. But, I was finally able to take a break with my family this past weekend...and I can't tell you the joy I felt in releasing responsibilities, expectations, obligations. I was beholden to no one except my tribe and asked to do nothing except experience peace.


My youngest learned to swim AND snorkel in the pure blue salty sweetness of the Atlantic Ocean.


My middle child sang and danced in a fountain in a public display of pure excitement and freedom.


My oldest left her cell phone at home and sat with me in awe of nature’s multi-sensory beauty - the colors, sounds, smells worlds away from home.


My husband held my hand, sat quietly with me and honored my Do Not Disturb hat... He gave me the gift of shared silence and mutual respect.


My father shared quietly in my joy, reveling the beauty that he and my mother created.




We all need a reset - time for rest, quiet observation and reflection, pure delicious joy, laughter and dancing and loved ones.


If you’ve taken a vacay or a staycay, I’d love to see photos and hear stories of how you reset, let out the steam, experienced peace. And of course, share your travel recs because I’m already planning my next!!!!










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