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I'm working on something scary, big and scary, no, very big and very scary. It's something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but have put off because of fear, something that will push me into a zone of discomfort, but will bring me so much joy, something with distinct challenges that have overwhelmed me in the past, but have helped me learned which mistakes I cannot repeat.

But I believe I have more to grow and more to give. And I know many of you do too. This big, scary thing I'm working on is challenging every ounce of my being - my intellect, my courage, my strength, my endurance, my abilities. But I want to grow and give and fulfill the potential I know exists in me.

This era we are living through is difficult, confusing, downright scary. As we realize that we are likely in this for longer-than-expected, we are adjusting. We are getting the hang of life with different rules, settling in to a new kind of normal. We are getting really creative in adapting to the unforeseen challenges of life in lockdown. We are forced to change our priorities - the way we do things, the way we think, we way we spend our time, the way we care for one another.

Then why not take this time of unprecedented uncertainty and use it to grow? Why not do the big, scary thing? Why not stare down those limiting beliefs, the thoughts and fears that have held us back from becoming who and what we see ourselves becoming? Maybe it will be a different version of old scary things. Maybe it will be a totally new and distinct scary thing. Either way, the fear will be there, but so will your new beginning.

So, I would like to invite you to join me in challenging ourselves to start working on something scary. Let's get some paper, write down our ideas and draw a road map for how we'll get there. I know you have art supplies somewhere (kids home means mine are scattered all over my house). Let's begin charting a new course for our lives. And let's envision how we might change someone else's life along the way. Heck, let's see how we might change the world around us - our neighborhood, our community, our town, state, country or beyond.

We can use this time to sit in the weeds with our fear - to wallow, wither and wilt. Or we can use this time to ride our fear into the gardens of self-realization - to plant a seed and bloom. I'm so scared, but I'm all in. Are you?

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