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I knew this was coming when people started commenting on our older daughter's appearance as a toddler. It was then that we decided we would only praise our children for their efforts, not their appearance or natural talents. This essay is even more relevant and important as our oldest matures into a young woman whose little sister is watching her grow up.

For anyone who comes in contact with our children, especially our daughters, this should be read as an imperative, not a suggestion. Sounds strange right? I’m asking you not to compliment or comment on my kids’ appearance. It’s a practice that is so automatic, customary, second nature.

We shield their young minds from too much violence, inappropriate images, words, and relationships. But we never think twice about the damaging conversations, constructs and unattainable ideals that work themselves into their self-image.

Maybe some of you will find this as helpful as I did....

It's and article in Huffington Post called How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body, and it can be applied to our sons as well.

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