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Hey! Thanks for asking.

We’re doing OK.

Yeah, the kids are managing.

You know it’s hard with virtual school but they’ve been able to spend a lot of time outside so we’re grateful for that.

I know it’s the craziest time, isn’t it.

What’s that, you’re feeling down?

I know me too.

You didn’t work out today. Or yesterday? Or since March 15th, 2020?

You didn’t write that book, start that business, lose that weight?

Wait what? You didn’t stick to your diet?

You’re not serving 3 square meals and 2 healthy snacks a day?

You didn’t iron your partners clothes? Or get the laundry done?

OMG, your kid didn't turn in her SeeSaw assignments today?


I feel you.

I get it.

I am right there with you.

But, seriously....

Cut yourself some slack.

This shit is hard. ****

We are in the midst of a global pandemic, unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. And fingers crossed, will never have to see again. We don't know when things will return to normal or if they ever will. The burdens of partnering and parenting and working, and the fear of being judged and shamed and not meeting your goals or reaching your potential are hard enough to deal with under normal circumstances.

But NOW? All bets are off.

Don't buy into the lie that you should be functioning at the highest level, at all times, and under the worst possible circumstances.

Keep trying. Find joy. Work hard. Make the most of each day, even though there are challenges that seem insurmountable.

But please, by all means, cut yourself some slack. Give yourself, and everyone else, some grace.

In the end, I hope we will all be better because of this weird and difficult time.

I have this fantasy that we have been intervened upon by Mother Nature - telling us to slow down, catch up, take a breath, look around. She has been hard on us, but she is also giving us a grand pause to evaluate how we do things, how we treat each other, what we take for granted, how we want to live.

And when things do go back toward normal, continue to go easy on yourself.

You are only human, but you are a wonderful human, with gifts and talents and goodness. Continue to treat yourself and others well. Be gentle and forgiving and kind.

We all could use it.

Now more than ever.

xo, Dr.Lex


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